You can use the following “generic activities” to help identify the various skills and experience you have. Simply “cut and paste” the Generic activities that you feel you have, or are doing now, into your resume. Obviously, not all of these activities will apply to you; just “cut and paste” the ones that you feel are most relevant to your experience. It is also very helpful to rate the skills and abilities you feel you are best at, and enjoy doing.

My suggestion is to use the highlighter pen as follows:

Green for those things that you know how to do, are good at, and like doing.
Yellow for those tings that you know how to do, don’t feel one way or the other about doing.
Red for those things that you know how to do, but don’t like doing.

Enabling Processes

Conduct Internal Audit
• Assess risks
• Identify areas for review using risk based approach
• Plan and gain understanding of area to be audited
• Report findings/ recommendations to Audit Committee & Executive Team
• Review financial/ administrative controls and business processes
• Review progress on recommendations
Facilitate Communication
• Prepare and distribute news releases
• Produce and distribute corporate publications
• Produce and distribute internal communications to staff
• Produce communication vehicles for the business units
• Respond to media queries
• Respond to queries from the general public
Improve Organization Processes
• Analyze current business processes in targeted areas
• Design & develop improved business processes for targeted areas
• Establish key performance measures
• Identify and evaluate improvement opportunities
• Implement improved business processes
• Monitor results using key performance measures
Manage Human Resources
• Conduct recruitment and selection
• Deliver human resources management
• Deliver/coordinate employee health & wellness services
• Develop/administer occupational health & safety policy & procedures
• Manage employee data
• Plan for Succession
• Provide career development services
• Employee reviews
• Provide employee learning & development services
• Assess Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities Available
• Define Position Requirements & KSA
• Determine Training Gap
• Identify training requirements
• Provide Training
• Schedule Training
• Update Records
• Provide labor relations
• Provide payroll services
• Provide pension and benefit administration
• Reward employee milestone achievements
Provide Administrative Support
• Provide corporate travel services
• Provide mail processing services
• Provide receptionist services
• Provide records management services
• Provide word processing services
Provide Environmental Management
• Collect environmental data to measure results
• Create and administer permits
• Ensure appropriate processes are in place to meet & exceed environmental requirements Implement projects to meet performance targets
• Plan environmental programs
• Report incident and performance results
• Set performance targets and measures
• Support internal & external customers in meeting environmental goals
Provide Finance and Budgeting
• Account for project and activity costs
• Conduct G/L balancing and reconciliation
• Conduct financial analysis
• Coordinate and prepare budgets
• Develop and monitor financial policy and procedures
• Plan financial strategy
• Provide Accounts Payable/Receivable
• Provide Joint Venture Accounting
• Provide Payroll Services
• Provide Production Accounting
• Provide Tax Accounting
• Track employee time by activity
Provide Information Management
• Design and develop systems
• Facilitate user access to information
• Identify risks and security requirements
• Implement systems
• Implement infrastructure to manage risks and security requirements
• Operate and maintain computer systems and services Operate and maintain network services
• Plan for new system initiatives and enhancements
• Provide support to users
Provide Legal Support
• Defend against litigation
• Develop legal standards for documentation
• Research claims
• Review agreements for exposure to risk
Provide Material Management
• Acquire, maintain & operate fleet
• Conduct space requirements forecasting and planning
• Coordinate physical security
• Coordinate purchasing
• Identify qualified suppliers
• Purchase Capital Goods
• Purchase Consumables
• Manage inventory & warehouses
• Negotiate, approve & maintain contracts
• Provide property management & maintenance services
Provide Regulatory Reporting
• Ensure business areas are meeting the regulatory and licensing requirements
• Monitor regulatory compliance
• Participate in definition of rules & regulations
• Prepare required regulatory filings

Operational Processes

Manage Fixed Asset
Acquire/Construct Asset
• Commission new asset
• Construct new or modified asset
• Implement new asset
• Manage construction project
• Schedule resources to construct asset
• Update asset information with new asset
Conduct Maintenance
• Manage major maintenance project e.g. plant shutdown
• Perform scheduled maintenance
• Respond to emergency or corrective maintenance requirement
• Schedule resources to maintain asset
• Update asset information with maintenance details Dispose of Asset
• Decommission asset
Dispose of asset
• Identify disposal means
• Update asset information
Plan for Life Cycle of Fixed Asset
• Design new or modifications to existing asset
• Identify assets impacting system performance
• Plan for acquisition or construction of asset
• Plan for asset replacement I retirement
• Plan for land acquisition and rights
• Plan maintenance strategy based on reliability centered maintenance principles
Market Product
• Develop Product Pricing
• Determine customer requirements
• Determine production costs
• Develop pricing package
• Monitor profitability of package
• Sell product to customer
Identify New Products and Services
• Develop potential products and services Evaluate potential products and services
• Research current and potential customer interests
• Research potential products and services
Promote products and Services
• Design and develop material to support program
• Plan marketing program
• Promote products and services to external customers
• Provide material to internal customers for delivery
Materials Management
• Contract suppliers
• Enter into inventory
• Establish re-order levels
• Evaluate tenders
• Manage supply management
• Adjust re-order levels
• Review out of stock reports
• Review planned production schedule
• Prepare and release tenders
• Procure supplies
• Qualify potential suppliers
• Record out-of stock instances
• Source potential suppliers
• Use supplies and update inventory records
Order Fulfillment
• Bill Customer
• Collect payment
• Determine actual product usage
• Follow-up on delinquent accounts
• Inform customer of bill details
• Prepare customer bill based on product & service usage

Produce Products

Monitor Product Quality
• Ensure compliance with quality standards
• Establish quality standards
• Monitor quality of Finished Product
• Monitor quality of Raw Product
• Monitor safety standards
• Report product quality and compliance status
Plan Production
• Design enhancements and additions to existing production system
• Forecast demand
• Model production process
• Plan for enhancements and additions to existing production system
• Protect Production Facilities
• Research production processes
Produce Product
• Manufacture product into finished goods
• Report production quantities and costs
• Schedule resources
• Transport raw product to storage facilities
Product Development
• Develop Prototypes
• Select production designs
• Document designs
• Document Quality Standards
• Train staff
• Sell Product

Service Product

Provide Customer Support
• Dispatch crews in response to customer problems
• Evaluate customer satisfaction
• Monitor quality of customer support • Respond to customer queries or problems
Provide Required Services
• Assess customer's credit worthiness
• Coordinate provision of new products or services to customer
• Create service orders
• Establish customer account(s)
• Maintain customer information
• Provide required products and/or services Seek Customer Input
• Organize Advisory Committees
• Survey Customers

Strategic Processes

Manage Business Enterprise

Manage External Relations
• Increase customer and public awareness of the enterprise's vision
• Interpret and communicate information to staff
• Maintain information exchange with government, regulatory & environmental agencies
• Respond to media queries
Manage Organization
• Determine best alternative for organizational changes
• Monitor overall organization performance and effectiveness
• Promote the business culture and vision among employees
• Review impact on organization from new initiatives
• Review organizational structure for optimal delivery of products and services
Manage Risk
• Develop risk management strategy
• Identify risks
• Implement risk management strategy
• Maintain and assess risk management strategy
Manage Strategic Plan
• Analyze & Report Performance Assessment
• Define Strategy Maintenance Process
• Develop Measurements
• Develop Mission & Purpose
• Develop Statement of Goals & Objectives
• Develop a Course of Action
• Perform Environmental Analysis
Monitor Company Results
• Assess financial and operational performance
• Compare results to tactical business plan
• Provide information to Executive Team, Board of Directors and Shareholders
Plan for Business Development
• Assess feasibility of potential business opportunities
• Develop strategy for business development initiatives
• Investigate potential business development opportunities
Resolve Issues/Establish Policies
• Develop policies (e.g. financial, operational, human resource policies)
• Disseminate decision results to appropriate area
• Establish issue management/ resolution process
• Gather and analyze information related to issues
• Implement policies
• Obtain feedback re: issue/ policy decisions