We are proud to announce the opening of our new Office in Aoyama.

We are deeply grateful to all of the people who have helped our business be successful over the last 10 years, and we are committed to providing outstanding service to our friends, business colleagues, clients and candidates in the years to come.

Ours is a connection business, and no one knows better than we do the power of being connected to people who can deliver.

When we realized that we had outgrown our old office and identified the need for partners to help us find a suitable new space, we did what was only natural; We turned to people that we trust, and asked for their help.

And help us they did. Both directly, and by connecting us with capable people who they trust.

An adage that a good friend of mine coined many years ago, “The Network Works”, is certainly accurate in this case. We are all only as strong as the people who we know who can help us accomplish our goals, and we are humbled to stand on the shoulders of experts who make us look good.

A special Thank You goes out to the following people who made our new office a huge success:

Wilf Wakely for the gracious and very helpful introduction of Noriko Kagami, of Century 21 SKY Realty who is without question the preeminent realtor in Tokyo. Thank you Wilf for connecting us to someone who clearly knows her stuff and Thank You Noriko, for your patience and outstanding hospitality.

Takashi Goto – for his referal and connection to Hideo Sugano of the Design studio. Goto-san, thank you for connecting us to such a trusted partner!

Naoko Shinoyama and Takuya Arakawa of the Design Studio. Naoko and Takuya of the Design Studio did a terrific job with the design and layout and were very patient and accomodating with our many questions and requests. We are humbled to work with such true professionals!

Atsushi Watanabe and all the people at Zen Creators. Very high quality workmanship, on time and on budget!

A special thank you to Pat Murano of Voce Systems and Kurazono-san of Kuratsu, for making the move and transition to the new office seamless.

Paul Braganza and his team at Rain Interactive for making us such a nice, spiffy new website. Nice work Paul!

[Main entrance: meeting rooms]

A special Thank You to Maggie C. for the great artwork. Everyone who visits has made positive comments about the very special pieces you have made.[Hallway with Maggie C.’s artwork][A view from our office. Shinjuku with the Prince’s Palace]