The Perfect Client

About 6 months ago, we had the good fortune to meet the perfect client.

We didn’t know that they would be the perfect client at the time, but we have come to appreciate and respect them very much over the last few months.

Doing business in Japan can be complex and challenging. The cost of failure is very high. It’s crucially important to get it right.

Here is a brief summary of all the things that they did right:

  • They did their homework on the market, and selected an excellent local partner to work with. They selected a company that is aligned with their goals and complements areas where they don’t have deep expertise. Importantly, this partner shares their values and communicates clearly and effectively. Also key is that they have relationships with certain sales channels that will position both sides to maximize the chances for success. Smart move and good job!


  • From the very beginning, when they met with us in the selection process, they were clear and focused on their expectations – both from us, and from the candidates for the positions that they were seeking to fill. They knew what they wanted, and were explicit about the corporate culture of their company, and the kind of “chemistry” that they were after. They were sensitive to adjust to the local market requirements. They asked for – and took into serious consideration – our comments and perspective gained from years of experience. They listened.


  • They were decisive and acted quickly.


  • They provided transparent access to all the decision-makers in the process.


  • They were always available to discuss the candidates we presented.


  • They were respectful and courteous to all the candidates we presented. (It was very smart of them to be nice to everyone. It didn’t cost them anything to do this, and built up an amazing amount of goodwill with everyone they encountered, including the candidates that were rejected.)


  • They never burned a bridge with a candidate.


  • They provided prompt feedback from interviews, so that at each step of the process everyone always knew where they stood.


  • They were flexible to meet the requirements of candidate’s expectations. They weren’t bound by “salary bands for the position” or other administrative policies.


  • They were clear and consistent in their communication and expectations. The job didn’t morph or change very much during the course of the search.


  • They were honest, polite, courteous, professional, clear, and kind.


  • They weren’t too “proud” of their company, or arrogant. They knew that they had to earn the trust of the people they met with.


  • They weren’t being “pushovers” or being too soft: They had high expectations, and were insistent that all candidates that they interviewed meet a high standard.


  • There were no “gotcha” moments or surprises. No “bait and switch” on compensation or job responsibilities. They did what they said they would do.


We have very much enjoyed working with them, and are extremely confident that their business will be a huge success in the Japan market – following the success that they have had in many other markets around the world.

In many, important ways, they are already a success because they consistently act in the ways I have described above.

THANK YOU for being the perfect client.

We will always go the extra mile for you!