MYTH: Recruiters Find Jobs for People.
Wrong! Recruiters find People for Jobs!

Recruiters are not compensated by candidates, but by their clients. Of course, this does not mean that recruiters cannot be helpful to you. They “counsel” candidates that they choose to work with, help them refine their résumés, and prep & coach them on interview techniques. However, they are paid by client companies to find candidates to fill very specific positions with very specific (usually hard to find) requirements.

Randomly contacting a recruiter with your unsolicited résumé , and saying “can you help me find a job” is NOT a good tactic…and most recruiters will not respond.

On the other hand, answering a recruiter’s job posting with your résumé and a message that says “I match every requirement you’ve listed …” is a GOOD idea. Calling to follow-up is even better.

The name of the game is matching your skills and experience to a specific job that the recruiter is working on.

That’s what they get paid for!