You probably get a lot of connection requests and appeals from recruiters or agents who have “jobs” for you.

Recently, it’s common for recruiters to provide you with lots of information about a variety of jobs. Many of these jobs aren’t appropriate or suitable for you to consider.

Why does this happen?

Inexperienced recruiters are regularly instructed by their managers to “meet their numbers” by meeting with lots of people and then submitting lots of information to each prospective candidate, in the blind hope that there may be a match. This is a waste of time for everyone, and rarely leads to a successful
outcome. This is called the “transactional approach”.

We don’t do this. It doesn’t work.


We take the “consultative approach.”

The fundamental concept to a successful career transition is simply this:

It’s all about what YOU want.
What drives this process is:
What YOUR goals are.
Where YOU want to be in a few years.
What kinds of things YOU want to learn.
The kinds of people YOU want to work with.
The kind of future that YOU see for YOURSELF.
It’s not about what the recruiter is selling you. It’s about what you want for yourself.


“Begin with the end in mind.” - Franklin Covey

We don’t share job descriptions with candidates before we meet them. Because we know that to be successful in helping you, we must first learn from you where you want to go. Only then, when we have a clear understanding of your career and life goals can we begin to be effective in finding a match for you.
Otherwise, it’s just guess work.

With us, we will take the time to learn what you like about your work, what you are good at, what you are good at but no longer want to do (this one is important), what your plans are (if any) on how to get where you want to go, and a host of other questions to help us really understand what you want out of your working life.

Once we have a clear understanding of what you want to do, and where you want to go with your career, we will offer our advice and suggestions about how best to accomplish your goals, and outline specific steps that we can take to help you get there.

By investing in a professional relationship with you, we increase your chances of finding an opportunity that is aligned with your goals, and this creates a win-win for everyone involved.