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5 Tips to Increasing Your Visibility/Value to Employers & Attracting More Interviews

Continue education.

One that should be easy, but with the hectic schedules some workers maintain, it's a surprise they find time for anything non-work or home-life related. Online universities are making it extremely easy to continue one's education...utilize these resources!

Take on added responsibilities.

As mentioned above, taking on added responsibilities can solidify your career goals, not to mention, increase your knowledge of your industry.

You can use the following “generic activities” to help identify the various skills and experience you have. Simply “cut and paste” the Generic activities that you feel you have, or are doing now, into your resume. Obviously, not all of these activities will apply to you; just “cut and paste” the ones that you feel are most relevant to your experience. It is also very helpful to rate the skills and abilities you feel you are best at, and enjoy doing.

My suggestion is to use the highlighter pen as follows:

Do you have a list of companies you would like to work for? If you do, use the internet to discover information about the company, review open positions, and find connections to help you apply for employment and get a job offer.

If you don't have a target list of companies - a short list of employers you would be thrilled to work for - it's a good idea to research company information and create a list of companies to target in your job search. All the information you need is available on the web, and it's easy to find detailed information about potential employers online.


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