Working with Cole & Co.

Last year, I met an HR candidate at our offices. She told me that her company was moving the HR department to Singapore, she loved the company and the culture that she had been a part of for the last 4 and a half years but was distraught about this move.

Moving wasn’t an option for her, she had house and family (2 kids) in Tokyo. She had 3 months to find a job.

First, I listened.

She spoke about the type of role that she wanted, the type of people she wanted to work with and the things she wanted to achieve in the organization.

You probably get a lot of connection requests and appeals from recruiters or agents who have “jobs” for you.

Recently, it’s common for recruiters to provide you with lots of information about a variety of jobs. Many of these jobs aren’t appropriate or suitable for you to consider.

Why does this happen?

by Bill Radin

Executive recruiters (also known as headhunters or search consultants) have firmly established themselves as a visible and highly valued fixture in today’s employment landscape. Through their aggressive matchmaking, headhunters affect the careers of individuals, the lives of their families and friends, and the profitability of entire corporations.